Two unknown people on small metal plates.

“Tintypes aren’t prints, they’re the actual plates that were in the camera when the picture was taken. It’s known as the wet plate collodian process and was also done with glass (known as ambrotypes). Tintypes (actually on lacquered iron) were popular from the 1850s to the 1880s, but are still made to the present day …
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1966 Oct 23rd – Intented response from Grace Hague

Letter, hand written by Grace Hague intended to be sent to Bob Slapp 1966 regrading the beginning of the Slapp Family Tree research. This copy was given to us from John Hague, and he says. ….”As it is unfinished, she may never have sent it.”   25 Nelson Street, Concord NSW Oct 23rd ‘66 Dear …
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Brislington Private Hospital – Gulgong Story

Brislington House was built for Mr. Edward (Ted) Stott in 1899, by bricklayer and builder Mr. Alex Wildman. Ted Stott married Margaret McMillan in 1900. They occupied Brislington until 1930. Mrs. Stott was a midwife and used the house as a Hospital but was not registered as a Private Hospital ~ In 1930 Ted Stott …
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1892 – Grace Isabell Slapp Story

1892 – Grace Isabell Slapp Grace being the youngest daughter, born 23 November 1892, at Pleasant Valley, Mudgee Road Ilford NSW, grew up on the farm known as ‘Pleasant Valley’, Cunningham’s Creek, Ilford, NSW, just had all her sisters and brothers had done so prior to her. Her Eldest sister, Clara born 1874 was 18 …
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