Brislington Private Hospital – Gulgong Story

Brislington House was built for Mr. Edward (Ted) Stott in 1899, by bricklayer and builder Mr. Alex Wildman. Ted Stott married Margaret McMillan in 1900.

They occupied Brislington until 1930. Mrs. Stott was a midwife and used the house as a Hospital but was not registered as a Private Hospital ~ In 1930 Ted Stott sold the house and property to his brother Mr. George Stott. George’s daughter, Miss Goma, was a double certificate sister and registered Brislington as-a Private Hospital and continued running it from 1930 until she married .in 1936.

In 1936, Sister Grace Hague took over the business from her friend and continued to run it as a Private Hospital 1940.

In 1936 Mr. Harry Seis leased the property from his uncle, George Stott, until 1940. (this was the same time that Sister Hague took over the Hospital).

Mr. Harry Seis gave up the lease in 1940 and Mr. Len Price took it over ~ Upon Mr. Price taking over the lease, Brislington ceased being a Private Hospital and became again a private home.

Late in 1949 the property was sold to the Donnelly family who have owned it ever since.

Upon Sister Hague leaving Gulgong, she went to live in North Strathfield until her death, in 1966.

Doctor Allport arrived in Gulgong in 1919 and died in Gulgong whilst walking into the Hospital. He was survived by a son who is a Solicitor and a daughter who married a Dentist Mr. Les Griffin.

Brislington Private Hospital was located in Homer Street Gulgong. This is on the eastern side of Gulgong and the building is just off Henry Lawson Drive (which is the continuation of Mayne Street) shortly before crossing the railway line heading towards Home Rule. The old grain silo is just down the road from it.

Over the last few years it has changed hands a couple of times, but it still looks the same with the occupants wanting to restore it to it’s former glory.

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